Chaos by the interaction via email with your suppliers? No time to run scouting processes?

We offer a communication platform with your suppliers that simplifies daily operations and allows you to expand your portfolio of vendors.


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What is Babelus?

Babelus is a collaboration software designed under the KISS methodology (keep it simple, s...!), which eliminates the chaos of interaction via email with your suppliers. No training, no tortuous implementations.
In addition, it solves vendor scouting challenges through our advanced On Demand BPO model.

The platform offers two products:


  • Purchase orders will take off faster
  • Everything will be in one organized place
  • You and your suppliers will be on the same page
  • Everyone on the team knows exactly where the orders are.
  • Team members will free up time spent on meetings and searching for information scattered in endless emails threads.

Supplier Hunting Services

  • Indicate the product you want
  • A group of specialists will be assigned
  • Remotians find, connect, filter and bring providers to you
  • Access data within the platform.
  • You don't need training, nor do you need to implement software.

Work agile!

Eliminate stress through interaction with your suppliers, get new supply opportunities effortlessly, increase the supplier portfolio, improve your buying position and save money.


Are you familiar with any of the following situations?

Purchase order information scattered in hundreds emails and personal computers?

Don't have time to find and connect with new suppliers?

Not knowing the status of an order in production or dispatched?

All in one place!

Instead of happening:

Send emails manually and repeatedly to all bidders

28% reading and answering emails

19%, looking for information in mailboxes and business software

14% communicating and collaborating intensely

30% of the specific tasks of each function.

(hours per week)

You can improve the time invested in:

Request multiple quotations for the same event with a single click.

25-35% for reading and replying to emails

30-35% for searching for information in mailboxes and business software.

25-35% for intensive communication and collaboration activities

10-15% of the tasks specific to your function.

Up to 40 monthly labor savings! "the-social-economy"


  • Collaboration on purchase orders
  • VRM (Vendor relationship management)
  • RFx Module
  • Technical specification comparator
  • Meta search engine
  • Translator


(Software as a service)

(Business process as a service)

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