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We'll handle supplier discovery.

Supplier discovery made simple.

From supplier searches, assessments to on-site audits, Babelus is the all-in-one AI-driven discovery solution procurement teams can count on.

Babelus is a fast, simple, and cost-effective way to deliver high-quality digitized data straight to your team.


Experts at your corner, backed by a powerful AI software.

Meet your all-star team of over 400 experts.

Real Humans will take on the work of searching for and assessing suppliers, managing interactions with prospective vendors, and accelerating qualification.

The discovery process is strengthened by our proprietary algorithms and database. With live experts and AI combined, Babelus is the all-in-one discovery solution procurement teams deserve. Our track record speaks for itself.

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Babelus does up to 95% of the work

With our the 1-click process, you will:

  • Say goodbye to endless searches and scattered information on spreadsheets.
  • Avoid the stress of reading countless files and answering endless conversations with hundreds of prospects, so you can focus solely on the suppliers we have already vetted for your company.
  • Receive digitized the data.
  • Reduce project execution times by a third, saving up to 40 hours of search time per month.
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How does it work?

When you contact Babelus, our experts start working immediately to provide you with easy-to-use, digitized, quality category information.


Step 1:
Service Request

Upload your product or service specifications.


Step 2:
Manager Assignment

A project manager is assigned to you for any questions or to find out any further details. The project manager will be your direct customer liaison.


Step 3:

An all-star team is put together to execute your project pronto, backed by our powerful proprietary AI software.


Step 4:

You will be notified as soon as the results are available and the digitized data is delivered right to your account.


What clients are saying about Babelus...

We pride ourselves on building positive relationships with our clients and integrating feedback for the best customer experience possible.

Check out what some past clients had to say about us!


National Grid Global Sourcing New York Office

The quality of suppliers’ information on Babelus is amazing. We hadn’t seen anything like this before.

Our Customers

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Of course you can. Babelus can be used when you need it just like an Uber or Airbnb, but we also have the option of long-term contracts for continuous service.

Annual contracts have significant benefits, such as flat rates and uninterrupted access to our records and database.

Many of our customers have comprehensive databases of their own or from external services such as SAP Ariba Discovery, Achilles, ThomasNet, and TealBook, among others.

Often, clients will submit lists of prospective suppliers to Babelus to generate a condensed shortlist based on their specifications.

We also run our algorithms to add new vendors to these lists.

It all comes down to our highly-skilled team of experts. The majority of our specialists have a primary job in their field and collaborate with Babelus by curating the information in our algorithms.

Babelus currently has over 400 experts in our network in over 150 niche categories.

Babelus is exceptionally affordable.

Our motto is “the simplest, most affordable and reliable way to source and evaluate suppliers.”

A long list can take 3 to 5 days. Medium and shortlists, built using the customer’s specifications, can take 15 to 30 days.

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